Competitions National Saddlery Competition

Success at The National Saddlery Competition 2019

Every year Saddlers from all over the world flock to Saddlers Hall in London for the annual National Saddlery Competition. This year I was attending to officially receive my certificate of completion for my apprenticeship. It was a really nice way to round off 4 years of hard work. I was also fortunate enough to be awarded a bursary award on completion of my apprenticeship in recognition of my efforts.

Being THE competition in the Saddlery calendar, I also decided to enter a couple of classes. As it was the last year I was able to enter the trainee classes, I though I would make the most of it. I made a stallion inhand bridle for the trainee bridlework class, and then after a last-minute decision, I made a crupper and dock for the trainee harness class the day before I had to post my work (not stressful at all!)

Well it all turned out to be worthwhile as I got second place in the harness class and was given a premium award. Even better then that, my stallion bridle was awarded first place in its class and was also given a premium award. It’s obviously a great feeling to win awards like that but even better when you really feel you’ve earnt it with the hard work and time you’ve put in.

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