“Perfection is an illusion based on our own perception”

I think that this may be my favourite photo that Holly Outtridge Photography took when she came to visit us a few weeks ago. I hate being in front of the camera and didn’t want any pictures of myself, but she tricked me by pretending the dogs were modelling some collars (thank you, you sneaky lady.)

The reason I love it, is because although some would consider it to be a “blooper”, it is so incredibly genuine. To me it is perfect. Beano is being his typical awkward self and rolling around like a puppy, Ivy is being a bossy little madam and telling him off, and me…well I’m just laughing hysterically at them both (Standard!) The reality of working with animals is that they don’t always co-operate, and yes it can be a total pain, but sometimes the result can be even better?

It got me thinking about my leatherwork and how I strive for perfection on every object I make, yet I am never satisfied I have achieved it. Now I do have to be careful here because I think it is excellent to have high standards and motivation to improve. However, I do believe that many things that appear imperfect to someone, may appear perfect to someone else for the exact same reason. For example, a small anomaly in a hide alters the appearance of the surface of the leather, or does it just add character and tell a small part of the story of that cow?

To be honest I am never going to, nor do I want to settle with the standard of my work. However, when I make a belt and can’t stop thinking about that one stitch that doesn’t sit quite right, it will be some consolation to know that someone out there may just see that one stitch as the reason the belt is perfect.

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