The easiest way to measure for a belt is by using a belt you already have. Take the belt and lie it down flat and then measure from where the leather ends inside the buckle, to the hole you use most often. If the reason you are measuring for a belt is because your current one doesn’t fit, simply mark where the hole would be and measure to that point.

Don’t forget I can also do adjustments. In many cases, a belt can be shortened or extra holes can be added. For more info contact me.

In the event that you don’t have a belt to measure from, do not fear! Just take a soft tape measure and measure over the top of your trousers, ideally going through the belt loops.

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As with belts, the easiest way to measure for a dog collar is to take a collar you already have. Lie it down flat and then measure from where the leather ends in the buckle to the hole you do it up on.

In the event that you don’t have a collar to measure from, use a soft tape measure around the dogs neck where the collar would sit (try to pull the tape measure to the same tightness you would have the collar on the dog.)

Bridlework can be a little more tricky to measure. I don’t like to use the measurements “Pony”, “Cob” and “Full”, as I find that everyone has slightly different measurements for these sizes, but also no horse I’ve ever known seems to perfectly fit any one size.
The easiest way to measure is to use a bridle you already have and measure all the parts and then tell me what adjustments would need to be made (often helps if you can send a picture too.) For more information on measuring your bridle (I have a handy measuring guide to help you) please contact me.
I do offer a measuring service which is £30 plus a mileage charge, for one horse, +£10 for any additional horses.