Welcome to Lucy Ellis Leatherwork.
Lucy is a fully qualified saddler, offering bespoke leatherwork, adjustments and repairs.
She is eager to re-establish traditional skills and methods that were used back in the day when we built things to last! These traditional skills, combined with modern styles and knowledge, can be used to create beautiful and timeless pieces of leatherwork. All of her products are made by hand in her workshop in Hertfordshire, using the best quality English materials that can be sourced.

Passionate about sustainability, we aim to make products that will last, so we can get rid of our “throw-away” culture. Leather is a natural product and as a by-product of the meat industry, it would just be going to waste if we didn’t use it. However it is important to know where the leather has come from. This is why we use English vegetable tanned leather, it isn’t tanned with any nasty chemicals, hasn’t travelled half way across the world and it smells amazing!


For more information feel free to contact me.

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